Bastian made the most in 2021, Delta staff made less than United, Southwest

Delta management is set to report the airline's Quarter 2 earnings tomorrow – likely showing profits on the rise. That’s obviously good for all of us after the last few years, but it’s especially good for executives.

2021 was a good year to be Ed Bastian.

Last year, the CEO brought home $12.4 million. That’s $2.55 million dollars (nearly 26%) more than United’s Scott Kirby, $5.16 million (35%) more than American’s Doug Parker, and $6.6 million (44%) more than Southwest’s Gary Kelly.

When aviation reporters at Skift reached out to Delta for comment, the press office cited “the carrier’s ‘pay for performance’ philosophy for not only management but across its work groups.”

Across all work groups? Really? If that’s true, shouldn’t Delta staff be at the top of median pay, just like Ed Bastian is way ahead of the other CEOs?

We’re organizing for a fair share of the value we create—that includes industry-leading pay just like our CEO and top executives receive. Sign a card now, and get involved in our campaign. Let’s secure our union in 2022.

Ed’s pay didn’t just crush his competition, it obliterated their "pay for performance" philosophy. His $12.4 million was 176 times what the median Delta employee earned, $70,240. Among the big 4 airlines, the median staff salary at Delta was 3rd. (Delta is also the least unionized carrier – there's a connection!) And while we got a $1,250 profit sharing bonus, Ed’s $4.1 million bonus was 3,280 times the size of what we received.

One more important fact—management’s bonus was dependent on paying profit sharing to workers. We all got "profit sharing" even though the airline wasn’t profitable. It was just a technicality for management to get what they wanted, there was no spirit of sharing involved. That only comes with a contract.

Here’s the blunt reality: Delta executives get to play games with our compensation, our work rules and our lives because we don’t have a contract. Whether it’s how we’re treated during IROPs, inconsistent discipline processes, or how and when we’re paid, the truth is that without a contract we’re at management’s mercy.

Ed Bastian wouldn't come to work without a contract. We shouldn't either. It's union time. Sign a card today, then sign up to become a Delta AFA activist.