Great to see you in the lounge

Delta AFA Flight Attendants were out in lounges and airports across the system on Feb. 14 aka Profit Sharing Day. We talked with so many Delta Flight Attendants about what we're building with AFA. Not just about Profit Sharing, but about our pay and reroutes, our health and safety.

If we like Profit Sharing, we can lock in our current Delta Profit Sharing, just like the pilots, by getting to a successful vote for AFA and a contract. It’s not a replacement for fair, predictable raises, but if we want it we can keep it by voting for AFA. Better pay rates or pay factors are important to negotiate into the length of the contract, because they compound over the years. We haven’t seen a raise (increase to the pay scale) since 2019. Meanwhile, unionized Flight Attendants at other airlines have had contractual raises, and even negotiated additional pay raises during the pandemic.

But it will take all of us to make history and bring a Flight Attendant Union to Delta! Here are four ways you can help build our union:

  1. Sign (or renew) your card!
  2. Wear a Delta AFA pin every time you fly.
  3. Become a Team AFA Activist! What does being an activist mean? Wearing your pin, talking to your flying partners about AFA, and collecting cards on your trips. You'll receive regular Team AFA communications, get plugged in with other activists, and receive the materials you need to be effective as we build our union together!
  4. RSVP to attend an activist training!
    1. Power of AFA Orientation:
      Thursday, February 24 at 6:30pm ET

      Click here to RSVP >
      How can I make a change on the line? What does it mean to have real representation? How can I make my voice heard? The Power of AFA Orientation is a great way to learn more about our campaign and how to build power together as Delta Flight Attendants.
    2. Delta AFA Organizing Training:
      Thursday, March 3 from
      4:00pm – 6:00pm ET
      Click here to RSVP >

      We need you to help build our union! Would you like to meet other Flight Attendant activists? Do you want to feel more confident when you talk to other Flight Attendants about AFA? Are you excited to talk about AFA but you don’t know where to start? Join us on our next session and learn how to tackle those tough topics and hard conversations we face on the line. It takes time and effort to become union strong and we can’t do it without you!

Together, we can lock in the benefits we love at Delta and secure our voice to protect ourselves and our rights on the job. If Delta wants to lead the industry, then that means our pay, benefits, and job security should lead too.

P.S. Join our campaign on Facebook and Instagram.