Health and safety on the job during COVID and beyond

After December and January proved to be the deadliest of the pandemic in the United States, February is beginning to show positive signs. Even as the curve is flattening, vaccines becoming more available and PPE supply increasing, Flight Attendants still face unique challenges even among essential frontline workers.

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Over recent months, we’ve heard from Delta Flight Attendants about critical health and safety issues—both those created by COVID and issues that predated the pandemic. On this call, Flight Attendants from Delta will share challenges posed by:

  • Lavatory cleaning policies and expectations

  • Escalating tension with passengers over masks

  • Lack of timely notice for crews if a flying partner tested positive

  • Challenges with layover hotels from safety to food availability

  • Delta’s refusal to replace toxic uniforms

Delta Flight Attendants are not alone in facing many of these issues. However, at unionized airlines, workers have legal recourse and established means to hold management accountable for our health and safety. We will hear from Flight Attendants at other AFA-represented airlines on how they used their contracts to address similar issues.

Join your flying partners at Delta, your fellow Flight Attendants from other airlines, AFA leadership and staff, and have a chance to share your own experiences and ask questions. RSVP to join us now!

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