Like it? Lock it in with AFA this Valentine's Day!

Congratulations to all the Flight Attendants, pilots, gate agents and every worker who contributed to Delta's success and is receiving a profit sharing check! Airlines are raking in record profits today, and every worker should share in the wealth.

Do you like your profit sharing? Lock it in with AFA!

Profit sharing is an industry standard because it's a union negotiated contractual benefit across every major airline, including Delta ALPA pilots. As we’ve already seen in 2016/2017, Delta management can unilaterally change the profit sharing formula or take it away completely without a contract. But, federal law prohibits management from retaliating against employees for supporting the union. In other words, the way to lock in this benefit now is to organize with AFA and get to a vote for representation. Management cannot retaliate against you and take away pay and benefits because you supported the union. So, like it? Lock it in with AFA!

Congratulations on your hard earned bonus—now let’s go organize to lock it in!