Nothing too small

During his town hall meeting on August 31, we all heard Ed Bastian say there would be no raises until our workforce is 100% vaccinated.

Now, Delta is trying to hide that from you. When AFA posted a clip of the video on YouTube, management filed a copyright claim. Here’s what you see now:

Why would Delta go to the trouble to hide a 45 second video clip from Flight Attendants - when the video clip is the Delta CEO talking to Flight Attendants and other workers? It’s all about control.

Delta wants to control the terms of our employment, down to what information we can access. Bastian’s comments on raises came just a week after announcing Delta’s unilateral and punitive policy of $200 healthcare surcharges for unvaccinated workers. With a union contract the company would be required to negotiate with us for any changes to our healthcare, and be required to implement any policies in a fair, consistent, and transparent way.

A union contract would also have guaranteed raises that we negotiate ourselves—a contract that is ours and readily available for every Flight Attendant to read whether Bastian wants us to or not.

Delta AFA Town Hall: Hidden Costs for Delta Flight Attendants

Management has typically kept our hourly pay on par with the pay scales at the unionized airlines, like United and American, in an effort to keep us from unionizing. While top line compensation like hourly pay may look the same or even a little better at the top step, there are many areas where we fall behind such as trip construction, sit pay, healthcare, and many other hidden costs and missed compensation for us at Delta.

Airline Economist Dan Akins and AFA President Sara Nelson will join the town hall to lay out the numbers.

Here are just a few examples:

  • No "cost of living" raise since 2019
  • A unilateral $200 health insurance surcharge
  • No pre-departure COVID testing pay
  • Meanwhile, "one-time adjustment" payments were issued for management onlyto "catch up" with their pay during a time when we sacrificed with voluntary furloughs, working in other departments, and losing hours when demand dropped in 2020. Where's our "catch up?" We'd have it written in a union contract and we'd be able to fight unfair treatment with a union.

RSVP for the upcoming town hall on Monday, October 25th at 6pm ET!

Our campaign is growing as our flying partners see more and more clearly that we need to have legal standing to protect ourselves and our jobs from management’s whims. We want a contract just like Ed! If he wouldn't work at Delta without a contract, he shouldn't expect us to.

If you haven’t already, sign a card. If you have signed a card, please talk to your flying partners about the importance of signing so we can choose to form our Flight Attendant Union at Delta.

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