Occupational Actions to Combat COVID-19

Review AFA's Resource page for the latest information on COVID-19, our advocacy for occupational resources to protect crew and passengers, and refreshers on how to best utilize universal precautions. At airlines where AFA has contracts we are interfacing directly with management on safety and health procedures as well as issues related to pay protection and reassignment.

Resource page: afacwa.org/coronavirus

We have been working with airlines on the following actions to mitigate risk and protect crews.

Immediate operational actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 >

Airlines have responded to the weakened demand in travel by pulling down flying to infected regions or reducing schedule. This week, United and JetBlue announced reductions in capacity. AFA said in a statement following the reduced schedule announcement at United:

“Our Flight Attendant contract includes pay protections for Flight Attendants who are experiencing a loss or change of schedule. The most recent schedule reduction will be managed through contractual special leaves of absence. The contract provides that Flight Attendants retain medical and other benefits the same as active employees, and Flight Attendants continue to accrue seniority during the leave of absence. The special leaves will be open for bid and are awarded in seniority order.” Read more >