Power of the Pin

Our AFA pin is a symbol of our collective strength. When we wear the AFA pin, it shows our flying partners and management that we support our union. It’s our legal right to wear it as a part of our uniform – including our newest flying partners still on probation. This pin means we are never alone!

The white AFA pin is our traditional pin for AFA Members. The red AFA pin is approved by the Hawaiian, Air Wisconsin, Horizon, and Piedmont AFA Leadership to support negotiations. The AFA pin with a green F is worn by elected AFA leaders. And if you see a gold AFA pin, please acknowledge and thank one of our retirees who helped pave the way for us. Additionally, we have two Diversity and Inclusion pins celebrating PRIDE and Black History. All of these pins are sanctioned by the union and can be worn with the protection of the law.

All in, wear your pin!