Profit Sharing Day: Locking It In with AFA

We continued our visibility in the lounges and at the airports on Profit Sharing Day! Delta AFA activists spread our message: If you like your profit sharing, let’s organize to lock it in with AFA.

Without a union and a contract management can change any pay, benefits, or workrules without our consent. They all have contracts for themselves, but they work hard to try to have us believe that would somehow be a bad thing for us. The truth is that we can't count on anything unless we have it in a legally binding contract. And even before then, federal prohibits management from retaliating for supporting AFA or voting to have our union. So they can't take away profit sharing if we lock it in with AFA!

Leaders across the country sent messages of support to our campaign. Watch their messages of support >

This message goes beyond Profit Sharing. The only way to guarantee our pay and work rules is to lock it in with a union contract.

Delta AFA in the News: