RSVP: Hidden Costs Town Hall Tonight!

What are the hidden costs for Delta Flight Attendants and how could we stop management from putting costs on our backs if we had a Flight Attendant union?

Join our Delta AFA Town Hall on today, October 25th at 6pm Eastern to learn how we can protect ourselves and lock in what we deserve.

Delta management has been on a tear lately, from asking us to volunteer our time in the lounges, no extra pay for pre-departure COVID testing, the extra 5 minutes being tacked onto boarding time on certain flights, no cost of living adjustments for us but “adjustment,” “catch up” pay for management.

Flight Attendants took voluntary leaves, worked other departments, lost hours and even left Delta entirely in 2020. Where’s our “catch up”? If we had a union, we’d have a contract and we’d have the ability to fight unilateral decisions by management.

RSVP and join Airline Economist Dan Akins and AFA President Sara Nelson on the virtual Town Hall tonight, October 25th. Let’s look at the numbers and the real loss without a union, as well as the urgency to form our union before Wall Street takes even more from our hard work and sacrifice.