What does Delta invest in?

“Investing in our partners now — even as we continue to navigate the pandemic — is the right choice to support Delta’s long-term strategy.”

That was Delta Chief Financial Officer Dan Janki, announcing a $1.2 billion investment earlier this week. But what partners is Delta investing in? Not Flight Attendants who kept the airline flying and are serving on the front lines every day.

No, Delta is investing in international carriers, while telling us “Sorry, no raise” even as the cost of living rose dramatically in 2021. (Remember, management already gave themselves a “one-time” adjustment bonus this year.)

This is just the latest reminder that management won’t give us anything—if we want to have fair treatment and voice on the job, we’ll have to organize our power and demand it. Let’s make 2022 the year we secure our union at Delta—sign your card, update your card, and join our campaign today.

If the news that Delta is investing in international airlines while denying us raises makes you mad, you’re not alone. But it’s just the start. This time next year, the PSP restrictions on stock buybacks and dividends expire and Delta’s major shareholders will come calling.

Once Wall Street has its hands back in management’s pockets, it will only get harder to secure a fair share of the value we create and a say in our workplace. That’s why we need to work harder than ever to organize our union.

Signing a card is the first step—and an important one. But we need everyone involved. We need to talk to our flying partners. We need to build solidarity and power. Before the New Year, let’s make a commitment to one another that we’ll go all-in for ourselves and each other in 2022.