Why AFA Now

It has never been more urgent to organize for our Flight Attendant union at Delta. Management comes and goes. We are the constant.

But in a crisis, we can’t count on anything. Without a contract, management can change things overnight. They are already telling us every day how things are changing, without discussion or anything in black and white to protect us.

Did you know Delta management is the ONLY management in the industry not guaranteeing a minimum number of hours to Flight Attendants? The CARES Act was adopted by Congress specifically for us – to keep us in our jobs and getting base wages with no cuts through September 30.

The money to pay our wages is coming from our tax dollars, not from Delta. Refusing to pay us is not an attempt to save jobs in the fall when management will no longer have a requirement to keep us employed. They are doing this for one reason only – to compete with other airlines who are following the law. They are trying to get a competitive advantage on our backs in the middle of a crisis that has turned our world upside down. That’s not “family”; that’s a farce.

If Delta management is willing to do this when they promised something else to Congress, what good do we think their promises are to us?

The industry is about to experience a lot of changes. How long will it be before Delta explains they can’t possibly afford to keep us on the job when they could pay a Flight Attendant from another country for a whole lot less?

If we allow management to get away with saying they can’t afford to do the right thing now, when the government gave them the money to do it, what do you think they’ll do when nothing at all holds them accountable?

If we organize and get majority support, we have better legal standing to fight for our jobs and our rights. If we gain majority support and file for an election, we have the legal argument that Delta management can’t retaliate against us and the means to fight to keep what we have today. If there’s ever been the right time to organize and form our union, now is surely it!

We are stronger and better together.