On Thursday, June 30 we walked the picket line to support our Delta ALPA partners on the flight deck in their fight for a fair contract.
We have important updates to share on our advocacy for those affected by Delta’s toxic uniforms, and ways you can help keep the effort moving forward.

We knew this summer was going to be rough. Demand is back, but staffing isn’t.

We’ve all faced moments of crisis in our professional and personal lives, when our problems overwhelm normal coping strategies. AFA makes sure you have someone to talk to – in fact, we train your peers to help you solve your problems without resorting to company involvement.

We continued our visibility in the lounges and at the airports on Profit Sharing Day! Delta AFA activists spread our message: If you like your profit sharing, let’s organize to lock it in with AFA.

Willa Brown was the first African American woman in the U.S. to be a licensed pilot, earning her pilot's license in 1937. Brown was also a tireless promoter of the positive role that African Americans could play in aviation. In 1946, she also became the first African American woman to run for Congress.

Congratulations on your hard earned bonus—now let’s go organize to lock it in!

AFA is proud to celebrate Black History Month. Last year, the AFA Executive Board passed a resolution recognizing Black History Month and committing to celebration and education, including a Black History Month Pin. 

There is so much positivity, energy, and momentum in our campaign to organize with AFA! This week, we exercised our legal right to advocate for our union and talk with our flying partners about organizing with AFA at work, in non-work areas. It has always been our federally protected right to be present in the lounges and in non-work areas to organize.

Stop by, learn more, and say hi! The best part of our job is being together.

Congratulations to all the Flight Attendants, pilots, gate agents and every worker who contributed to Delta's success and is receiving a profit sharing check! Airlines are raking in record profits today, and every worker should share in the wealth.

Do you like your profit sharing? Lock it in with AFA!

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO, representing 50,000 Flight Attendants at 20 airlines, issued this statement following last night’s travel advisory change by U.S. State Department to "do not travel to China" and the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the coronavirus is a "global health emergency."