On Thursday, June 30 we walked the picket line to support our Delta ALPA partners on the flight deck in their fight for a fair contract.
We have important updates to share on our advocacy for those affected by Delta’s toxic uniforms, and ways you can help keep the effort moving forward.

We knew this summer was going to be rough. Demand is back, but staffing isn’t.

AFA is proud to celebrate Black History Month. Last year, the AFA Executive Board passed a resolution recognizing Black History Month and committing to celebration and education.
Last night, AFA conducted a Town Hall call updating Flight Attendants on the issue of toxic uniforms, the class action case against Land’s End, and an update on AFA’s uniform testing. Today, Delta management announced its plans to rollout a “completely new uniform program for flight attendants and ACS above-wing employees… as soon as possible, hopefully in late 2021.” The full communication from Delta is included at the end of this news update.
On Tuesday evening, January 28th, AFA-CWA conducted our third Town Hall Conference Call to answer questions in real time from Delta Flight Attendants about our efforts to become full members with AFA. Listen to the archived version of the call below to hear from AFA International President Sara Nelson, Judith Anderson, AFA Industrial Hygienist, Ed Gilmartin, AFA General Counsel. We talked about Uniforms, the Coronavirus, and more.

On December 31, 2019, Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants and other employees brought suit against Lands’ End, the manufacturer of the Delta uniforms, in federal court in Wisconsin. The lead counsel on the case is Bruce Maxwell, a partner in the Florida law firm Terrell & Hogan. Though the uniform issue arose at Delta prior to the start of AFA’s organizing campaign, Mr.

Our hearts are heavy this morning with news that one of our aviation family, Alexis Reed, age 30, who worked as an Airport Customer Service (ACS) below the wing employee for Delta, was shot and killed last night. The shooting occurred around 10:30 pm eastern time Sunday night, at the Camp Creek employee parking lot, located on the 3900 block of Northwest Drive.

In this edition (January 27, 2020):

We will host our next Delta AFA Town Hall Call on January 28th at 5 p.m. Eastern. AFA International President Sara Nelson will be joined on the call by Judith Anderson, AFA's Industrial Hygienist. You can submit a question to be answered when you sign up. 

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Updated January 27, 2020 with Arizona cases and Delta specific actions.

Flight Attendants are on the front lines of any communicable disease outbreak. AFA engages with airlines and worldwide health authorities to share information and put in place measures to mitigate risk and contain exposure. There are now five confirmed cases in the United States including Washington state, California, Illinois, and Arizona. Over the weekend, health authorities also advised the infection can be passed by individuals who are not yet displaying symptoms.