I’ve been a Delta flight attendant for 4 years, and I’m thrilled to be part of organizing our union.

The need is clear. Flight Attendants at Delta shared story after story of outrageous demands by management: people who have been rerouted three times, or calls coming in at 2 and 3 in the morning to move trips up by as much as 12 hours, or Flight Attendants placed in scheduling nightmares after commuter flights are canceled without any support. Other airlines with contracts can’t even contemplate these situations.

Operational meltdowns aren't unique to Delta, but because we don't have a contract, Delta management does have the unique ability to throw our scheduling “rules” out the door for “the needs of the operation."

This month I’ll be celebrating my seventh anniversary as a Delta Flight Attendant.

I’m hoping by the time I celebrate my eighth anniversary, I’ll also be doing it as a proud member of Delta AFA.

But it’s going to take more than hope, and that’s why I’m stepping up to help on our campaign, and asking you to join me.  

You’ve likely heard about the potential of disruptions to air travel in late December as AT&T and Verizon were cleared by FCC to turn on their 5G spectrum networks on January 5th. The problem is potential interference with aircraft instrumentation that is used for navigation, especially in low visibility situations.

Health and safety in the workplace is often the driving issue for organizing union representation. That's because no paycheck matters if you don't have your life or your health. Especially in times of COVID, this is the top of mind.

As we reflect on 2021 and look forward to 2022, let’s make a commitment to one another: 2022 will be the year that we secure our union at Delta Air Lines!

If we learned anything in 2021, it’s that we can only protect the jobs we love and ourselves if we have a legally-binding contract and a say in our workplace. From healthcare surcharges to denying raises to “testing” new report times, Delta management has shown time and again that they can—and will—change our work rules whenever they please.

Over the past two weeks, a massive operational meltdown has shown yet again why we need a union with a guaranteed contract and real voice on the job.

After an operational meltdown and pressure from Delta Flight Attendants organizing with AFA, management announced late last night IPY for all trips through December 26, no matter how they were assigned (scheduled, A Day, or Pickup). We didn’t need 48 hours of hell to make this happen.

It’s Christmas Eve 2021 and management is cancelling hundreds of flights claiming “disruptions from Omicron.” Delta has cancelled 157 flights, 7% of the operation as of 12pm Eastern.

Delta management has prided and sold themselves on being the “safest” airline during COVID. Remember the empty middle seats?

But yesterday, CEO Ed Bastian and other executives sent a letter asking the CDC to reduce quarantine time for breakthrough cases from 10 days to 5 days.