On Thursday, June 30 we walked the picket line to support our Delta ALPA partners on the flight deck in their fight for a fair contract.
We have important updates to share on our advocacy for those affected by Delta’s toxic uniforms, and ways you can help keep the effort moving forward.

We knew this summer was going to be rough. Demand is back, but staffing isn’t.

The last 19 months have been grueling for Delta Flight Attendants.

We have lived ‘shared sacrifice’—tens of thousands of Flight Attendants took unpaid PLOCs to save jobs and help the airline through. Thousands more left the airline permanently.

Today, Delta management reported the first profitable quarter since 2019 as the U.S. aviation industry climbs towards recovery. Meanwhile management is asking more and more from us. Here’s just a few of the “added” duties management has announced since the pandemic began:

By now you’ve probably read—or heard—about the latest unilateral change Delta management is forcing on Flight Attendants.

As the airline moves to use more high density narrow body (HDNB) jets, they’ve added five minutes to boarding time for Flight Attendants. Management says this is just a “test” at some ATL gates. Whether they roll this change out more broadly or not, it’s just another reminder that management has unilateral power to change our working conditions and duties until we lock in a union contract.

This week, our Delta AFA campaign sent a mailing to Delta Flight Attendants about authorization card status and building our union. If you haven’t already received it, you should be getting it shortly.

Unless Congress acts before Thursday night (midnight, Friday morning), the federal government will shut down again.

During his town hall meeting on August 31, we all heard Ed Bastian say there would be no raises until our workforce is 100% vaccinated.

Now, Delta is trying to hide that from you. When AFA posted a clip of the video on YouTube, management filed a copyright claim. Here’s what you see now:

During this unprecedented spike in unruly behavior, it’s clearer than ever that passengers who endanger crews and their fellow passengers must face real consequences.

In written testimony submitted ahead of the hearing on the morning of September 22, AFA President Sara Nelson called for an industry-wide No-Fly list coordinated between airlines and the FAA:

In management’s townhall today, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said “I can’t give the next raise until we have confidence about the future, until we get vaccinated. If we get 100% vaccinated, we will give raises.”

Once again, management is showing that they have no problem using their unilateral authority to set the working conditions and pay of Flight Attendants and other workers at Delta.

An AFA pin is more than just metal and paint. For generations, Flight Attendants and workers have worn pins to show our solidarity and our intention to stand up for our rights at work.

This Labor Day, Delta Flight Attendants can send a powerful message to one another, to management and to the passengers we serve that we are united. Wearing an AFA pin is essential to organizing our Flight Attendant union and is a clear sign that we’ve got each other's back.