“I watched this video last night and it had me feeling so silly about the years I’d spent taking and absorbing these messages from the company and believing them.”

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) expects nearly 20 million passengers during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday travel, from Friday, November 19 through Sunday, November 28. In order to best prepare for a safe, efficient travel experience our union - the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA - offers this guidance for passengers:

When Delta management changed to a biweekly pay schedule in 2019, they took away the flexibility so many of us loved and the stability in our paychecks we counted on.

Please report any issues you have while commuting in the form. Making known the commuting difficulties you and other fellow Delta Flight Attendants encounter is how, together, we can make commuting better for all of us!
Georgia had two Senate seats on the ballot. Now, these seats are up for a runoff election on January 5, 2021. In Georgia, races go to a runoff when neither of the candidates wins the required majority of votes (50% + 1).
Are you one of the many Delta Flight Attendants finding it more and more difficult to commute to work? Whether your commute is 5 miles by car or public transportation or 5,000 miles by plane, Delta Flight Attendants nationwide face unique challenges reporting to work - which could lead to a negative mark in a Flight Attendant's personal file. We believe there is a better way to address commuter issues - starting with Delta listening to Flight Attendants and our concerns.
Congress has until October 1st to save our jobs! Inaction is not an option and there is growing support for a full relief bill. Everyone “supports us.” True support for the American worker comes in the form of a relief bill. We need every Flight Attendant, regardless of status, to tweet your lawmakers every day until October 1st.

Delta management told Flight Attendants that our workgroup will be overstaffed by 3,000 Flight Attendants on October 1, if the Payroll Support Program is not extended. Management said at least 3,000 Flight Attendants would need to take other options to "offset the overage."

Flight Attendants across the industry including Delta Flight Attendant AFA activists have been pushing Congress to extend the Payroll Support Program. On Wednesday, 16 Senate Republicans confirmed support of the Payroll Support Program. Senate Democrats already support the extension and have proposed this as part of the full COVID-19 relief package. This means more than 60 Senators support our Payroll Support Program extension to March 31, 2021.

Flight Attendants and the entire aviation industry are united to ensure the Payroll Support Program (PSP) in the CARES Act is extended. Our airline, industry, and country are still combatting the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for the safety and health changes necessary to stop spread of the virus in aviation and give the public confidence in returning to the air.

We're all fighting to extend the Payroll Support Program through March 31, 2021. This Program has kept Delta Flight Attendants and hundreds of thousands of other aviation workers on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our campaign, Delta Flight Attendants are calling and writing our flying partners urging us to take action. And we need action now more than ever!