Over the past weekend, representatives from 18 airlines represented by AFA met in Las Vegas for the 49th annual AFA Board of Directors (BOD) Convention.

I’m a Seattle-based Flight Attendant, and I’m about to celebrate my 8-year anniversary at Delta.

Next month, I will celebrate my eighth anniversary with Delta.

Last week, Delta Flight Attendants talked with AFA Senior Staff Attorney Peter Swanson and United AFA Grievance Vice Chair Kimberly Johnson about the disciplinary process, probation, harassment, and more.

Today, airlines wave the Rainbow Flag proudly during the month of June. But that wasn’t always the case. LGBTQ+ rights have come a long way in a very short time. Our Flight Attendant union fought and won domestic partner benefits in the late 90s. 

As unruly passenger incidents remain at an all time high, AFA is launching a platform to collect your experiences to fully assess the problem and help get meaningful support to all crews.

Take this five minute anonymous survey to share your experiences with unruly passengers onboard this year.

We should all get the same treatment from our FSMs whether we’re based in SLC or NYC. We all deserve a fair process to defend ourselves if management disciplines one of us unfairly.
AFA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help Delta Flight Attendants who experience problems on the job confidentially, with resources and assistance to help you get through.

We’re back! Delta’s COVID restrictions are lifted and Delta AFA Flight Attendants were back in crew rooms this week talking with our flying partners about why we’re organizing for our Flight Attendant Union. Why? Better pay, better operational conditions, support, and more.

Huge news this week in our fight to ensure Flight Attendants have access to state sick leave laws! The Ninth Circuit gave Washington state the green light to apply its state sick leave law to airline employees, backing a trial court's decision to toss a challenge from the airline industry.

This Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of our military and their families. We rededicate ourselves to honoring their service by fighting for good jobs and healthy communities at home.

Today, May 31, is also International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day.