I’ve been a Delta flight attendant for 4 years, and I’m thrilled to be part of organizing our union.

The need is clear. Flight Attendants at Delta shared story after story of outrageous demands by management: people who have been rerouted three times, or calls coming in at 2 and 3 in the morning to move trips up by as much as 12 hours, or Flight Attendants placed in scheduling nightmares after commuter flights are canceled without any support. Other airlines with contracts can’t even contemplate these situations.

Operational meltdowns aren't unique to Delta, but because we don't have a contract, Delta management does have the unique ability to throw our scheduling “rules” out the door for “the needs of the operation."

Delta management is set to report the airline's Quarter 2 earnings tomorrow – likely showing profits on the rise. That’s obviously good for all of us after the last few years, but it’s especially good for executives.

2021 was a good year to be Ed Bastian.

Last year, the CEO brought home $12.4 million. That’s $2.55 million dollars (nearly 26%) more than United’s Scott Kirby, $5.16 million (35%) more than American’s Doug Parker, and $6.6 million (44%) more than Southwest’s Gary Kelly.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re scheduled to work a turn at 8:30 PM. Your phone rings at 3AM. It’s a scheduler, who tells you your new report time is 6AM. Yes, in 3 hours.

For most people, that probably would sound crazy. So why are Delta Flight Attendants like us being treated this way?

Delta AFA Flight Attendant Organizing Committee activists representing ATL, SLC, NYC, DTW, and HNL, attended the 2022 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, IL. Labor Notes is a gathering of grassroot union activists, rank-and-file union members, and union leaders from all over the world. We joined 4,000 activists in meetings and workshops to discuss organizing and building worker power to make our lives better.

On Thursday, June 30 we walked the picket line to support our Delta ALPA partners on the flight deck in their fight for a fair contract.
We have important updates to share on our advocacy for those affected by Delta’s toxic uniforms, and ways you can help keep the effort moving forward.

We knew this summer was going to be rough. Demand is back, but staffing isn’t. Executives are chasing profit without consideration of the actual staffing we need on the line to operate.

Delta management was one of the last to pull down some of our summer schedule to bring it in line with our current staffing – just 3 days before Memorial Day weekend, not a great look to consumers or lawmakers. The weeks following haven’t gotten better – if anything they’ve gotten worse.

We are the Delta Flight Attendants who are organizing Delta AFA. We’re organizing for a real voice on the job, work rules management can’t just change, and industry leading compensation to match our contribution to the industry’s leading, most profitable airline.

Last week, dozens of Delta AFA Flight Attendant activists from all over the system met in Atlanta, GA for our Delta AFA Activist meeting. Many experienced activists were joined by newly recruited flight attendants and together we committed to working together to secure our union!