I’ve been a Delta flight attendant for 4 years, and I’m thrilled to be part of organizing our union.

The need is clear. Flight Attendants at Delta shared story after story of outrageous demands by management: people who have been rerouted three times, or calls coming in at 2 and 3 in the morning to move trips up by as much as 12 hours, or Flight Attendants placed in scheduling nightmares after commuter flights are canceled without any support. Other airlines with contracts can’t even contemplate these situations.

Operational meltdowns aren't unique to Delta, but because we don't have a contract, Delta management does have the unique ability to throw our scheduling “rules” out the door for “the needs of the operation."

Remember the “voluntary” pizza party they throw for new hires during training? It’s the one where they make a big deal about welcoming us, and tell us “Delta’s different, and the difference is there’s no union. We’re a family here.”
Ed Bastian knows exactly how and when he’ll get paid. So does the rest of management. They have contracts. We should too. Instead, recent statements from management give us no hope of a raise anytime soon.

During Women's History Month every March, we honor the founding Flight Attendants of our Flight Attendant Union. For 75 years, the Flight Attendants of AFA have built a career as aviation’s first responders. AFA advocacy has achieved important contractual, legal, legislative, and regulatory improvements, including:

Delta AFA Flight Attendants were out in lounges and airports across the system on Feb. 14 aka Profit Sharing Day. We talked with so many Delta Flight Attendants about what we're building with AFA. Not just about Profit Sharing, but about our pay and reroutes, our health and safety.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and at Delta Air Lines that means it’s Employee Appreciation Day aka Profit Sharing Day.

AFA is proud to celebrate Black History Month in February, an annual national observance that highlights the power and impact of the Black community.

This is the airline industry — getting reassigned, rerouted or flown into your day off happens. But it doesn’t have to “just happen.”

Without a contract, Delta management has total control to set the rules and change them on a dime in the actual operation – as many of us experienced over the Christmas, New Years, and even this weekend.