Delta AFA Newsletter: April 4, 2020

In this edition (April 4, 2020):

  • RSVP: Delta AFA Town Hall Call, Thursday, April 9
  • TAKE ACTION: Don't Leverage People, Payroll Grants Now
  • AFA in the News
  • AFA Urges FAA to Order Airline Compliance with CDC Guidance on Test Positive Notification
  • Unemployment Insurance Questions and Answers
  • Suggestions From Management about Reducing Flight Attendant Staffing Minimums
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RSVP: Delta AFA Town Hall Call, Thursday, April 9

Flight Attendants and the entire aviation industry have experienced unprecedented changes and challenges in the last few months as our airline, industry and country combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We had events planned across the system in March and April that have been postponed. But we can still meet virtually! 

This coming Thursday, April 9th at 5pmET join Delta AFA for a Town Hall Call to talk about what Flight Attendants are facing, where our campaign goes from here, and get your questions answered. 

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TAKE ACTION: Don't Leverage People, Payroll Grants Now

Keep taking action tonight and over the weekend. Don’t let Secretary Mnuchin mess with the work we did to secure our jobs and paychecks! No warrants on payroll grants. We're the ones the CARES Act is supposed to protect. You can own a plane, you can’t take a piece of a Flight Attendant!

Tell President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin not to dismantle the bipartisan agreement to keep us in our jobs, connected to our paychecks and healthcare.

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AFA in the News

AFA Urges FAA to Order Airline Compliance with CDC Guidance on Test Positive Notification

AFA sent a letter to the FAA raising concerns about airlines not adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19, specifically "airlines are failing to adhere to CDC recommendations to notify crewmembers of possible exposures to individuals who have tested positive for coronavirus infection." We know this has specifically been a problem at Delta. We’re encouraged to see the company lay out specific policies around notification. But more needs to be done. The letter reads in part:

"Our members have observed an uneven, often less than satisfactory response to the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic by some airlines. We are therefore writing to support the attached letter dated March 31, 2020, sent by Captain Joe DePete, President of ALPA, to Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson, with the subject Request for Immediately Effective Order, Directive or Regulatory, Requirement Ordering Air Carrier Compliance with CDC Guidance. We concur fully with Captain DePete’s observation that an “urgent FAA order, directive or regulatory requirement is needed because ‘guidance’ from the … CDC is not mandatory and is not being consistently followed.” Read the full letter to the FAA >

Unemployment Insurance Questions and Answers

As part of the COVID-19 Relief Act enacted last week, Congress increased by $600 the amount of weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI) payments that laid off and furloughed workers can receive through July 31, 2020. The CARES Act also extends the number of weeks of eligibility for long term unemployed people from 26 weeks to 39 weeks, temporarily eliminates work-search requirements and minimum work history (under normal rules, only those who have been employed for a year are eligible), and expands the categories of eligible workers to include self-employed and gig workers, in addition to traditional employees. Generally, if you take a leave or a reduction in hours as a result of the downturn, you will be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits. However, the scale and scope of these benefits will vary depending on your state of residence.

Read the full UI Questions and Answers >

Suggestions From Management about Reducing Flight Attendant Staffing Minimums

“AFA has recently become aware that some airline operators may be seeking reductions in Flight Attendant staffing requirements due to low load factors. We have heard concerns from crew at Delta Air Lines and on April 2 during a company-wide video town hall, United Airlines President Scott Kirby said “If we’re going to have a flight that has 5 customers onboard, do we really need 3 Flight Attendants on the airplane? Those are some kinds of the conversations we’re having with the FAA.” 

“Since this was raised in a public forum, we want to be clear and on the record: AFA opposes any efforts to reduce FAA minimums. FAA minimums were fought for and achieved long ago.They are in place to ensure aviation safety during normal operations. Cabin crew must remain fully prepared and ready to act in response to a multitude of emergencies and potential emergency evacuation scenarios that could suddenly occur on any flight.

“Any proposed flight attendant staffing reductions based on load factors would set a dangerous precedent, are not in the public interest, and must be denied. Flights should stay on the ground or be designated as cargo only if we aren’t carrying passengers. That is, in fact, the best way to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus.” Read the letter to the FAA >

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