Profits over people, Omicron edition

Delta management has prided and sold themselves on being the “safest” airline during COVID. Remember the empty middle seats?

But yesterday, CEO Ed Bastian and other executives sent a letter asking the CDC to reduce quarantine time for breakthrough cases from 10 days to 5 days.

“Our employees represent an essential workforce to enable Americans who need to travel domestically and internationally," wrote Bastian, along with Delta’s chief health officer Henry Ting and medical advisor Carlos del Rio. "With the rapid spread of the omicron variant, the 10-day isolation for those who are fully vaccinated may significantly impact our workforce and operations."

Wait...what? There's rapid spread so we should decrease safety protocols?

While a negative test may mean you’re no longer contagious, it does not mean you’re not still too sick to work. While testing is important, it’s also still possible to receive a false negative—meaning under Delta’s new proposal you could be called back to work while still sick AND still infectious.

Management’s request to the CDC makes it clear: they are prioritizing profits and the operation over Delta Flight Attendants health and well-being.

What’s worse is Delta Flight Attendants lack options after the required quarantine period if they’re still sick because we do not have a sick leave policy. An issue that existed before the pandemic.

Every week management shows us that they won’t give us anything—if we want to have fair treatment and voice on the job, we’ll have to organize our power and demand it. Let’s make 2022 the year we secure our union at Delta—sign your card, update your card, and join our campaign today.