A Show of Solidarity

An AFA pin is more than just metal and paint. For generations, Flight Attendants and workers have worn pins to show our solidarity and our intention to stand up for our rights at work.

This Labor Day, Delta Flight Attendants can send a powerful message to one another, to management and to the passengers we serve that we are united. Wearing an AFA pin is essential to organizing our Flight Attendant union and is a clear sign that we’ve got each other's back.

AFA President Sara Nelson tells a story from her early days as a Flight Attendant at United. Her flying partner told her how the union had changed flying. In the early days, only women could hold this job. If you got married, had a baby, turned 32 or didn’t meet weight and beauty requirements, you could be fired on the spot. Our Flight Attendant Union turned flying into a career. “Wear your pin proudly,” Sara’s flying partner told her. “Your place of value is with your flying partners in our union. Together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Our activists at every base have pins available for all of our Delta flying partners. Your right to wear an AFA pin is protected under federal law.

Labor Day weekend is dedicated to celebrating the sacrifices of working people who gave so much to make our country and our economy more fair and equitable. Let’s continue that tradition by wearing our AFA pins and declaring loudly and clearly that we will stick together until we have a union, a legally-binding contract, and the rights on the job that we deserve.