Ed Bastian: No raises until…

In management’s townhall today, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said “I can’t give the next raise until we have confidence about the future, until we get vaccinated. If we get 100% vaccinated, we will give raises.”

Once again, management is showing that they have no problem using their unilateral authority to set the working conditions and pay of Flight Attendants and other workers at Delta.

To be crystal clear: we encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated and wearing masks are the best way to keep ourselves, our flying partners, and our families safe, to protect passengers, and to ensure that our industry and economy can continue to rebound.

But this isn’t about vaccination: this is about our standing on the job. Until we have a union and a legally-binding contract so we can stand up for ourselves, we are at Ed Bastian’s mercy.

There’s something else going on here, too. Delta management could simply mandate vaccines. Instead, they’re trying to use the classic divide-and-conquer tactic. He’s trying to pit us against one another.

Delta could issue a vaccination mandate (with certain exemptions allowed by the EEOC), but they won’t. Instead, they tried to coerce us with the $200 healthcare surcharge, now they’re trying to make us blame one another if we don’t receive a raise. Instead of taking responsibility for his decisions—including the decision to withhold raises—he’s trying to make us blame one another.

With a union, he wouldn’t be able to just wave his hand and treat us like children. We’d have a guaranteed raise schedule, just like Delta pilots do right now. We’d have standing as the Flight Attendant Union to negotiate changes to healthcare - or not. And we’d be able to come to the table with the strength of a contract and Flight Attendant solidarity.

Standing together, we can change this. But it’ll take all of us. Sign a card today, wear your AFA pin, and let’s secure our union, our seat at the table, and a real voice at Delta.

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